Premium Coaching Plan:

I have been coaching for 13+ years with athletes of all levels.  I work with triathletes, swimmers, cyclists and runners to help them attain their goals while maintaining balance in their life.  I will work with you to help you get the most out of your workouts on a daily basis and make the workouts fit into your already busy life!  I will take the “thinking” out of your workout schedule to free up your time to train and race more!

This includes, but is not limited to, the following: 

  • Face to face meeting to get to know you, understand your athletic background, and goals.  If you are out of the state/country, we can do this over the phone or Skype.
  • Weekly training programs outlined in detail on  These training programs are highly detailed but can be adjusted  based on your personal and professional schedule (traveling, illnesses, etc).
  • Unlimited email and phone consultation :  DAILY!
  • Detailed on-going discussions about your “A- races” and how your big- picture racing season will be structured — Many athletes like to develop their Annual Training Plan to include road races, swim races, etc.
  • Pre- race call prior to all A races about strategy and preparation
  • Post -race call to discuss race details for all A races
  • Swim stroke review in person or video analysis
  • Adjustments to your schedule can be done at any time with Jennifer over email or the phone
  • Detailed discussions of training, recovery and race day nutrition
  • Detailed discussions on the mental aspect of racing and competion
  • Full access to JHC Training Camps in Tucson each year – available to JHC athletes only

Please email Jen at: for rates and availability!

I only offer Premium coaching…in the past, I have offered various levels of this but I ended up spending just as much time with each athlete that it just makes more sense for me to have everyone on the same Premium plan!

If you are interested in a phone or in person hourly consultation, I am happy to do this.  Please email me for rates and availability.

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When I started working with Jen, I looked like this…

I weighed in at 330+ lbs in 2009. Jen and I started working together that October and I’m so thankful for her guidance! I decided to take on the challenge of running a marathon and losing 100lbs in a year. I had no idea where to start and I couldn’t run even run for 5:00.

Jen laid out a successful plan. Through the ups and downs, the tough runs and small victories, Jen was there every step of the way. She answers every question, no matter how lame I think it might be and helps keep me on track! She never doubted that I would be ready, even if and when I did. On October 10th I ran my first Chicago Marathon after losing 110lbs!

I have continued working with Jen since and have seen great progress. Some 2011 highlights…

• Ran 3 more half marathons, setting a PR by nearly 8 minutes in August.
• Ran a 5k and set a PR, under 30 minutes, in August and again on Thanksgiving.
• Set a personal record in an 8K by 5 minutes in March.
• Ran 1,135 miles! That’s more than 300 miles more than I ran in all of 2010!
• Finished my first ever 15K with my wife.
• Lost 10 more pounds, bringing my total to 120lbs lost!
• I’ve lost a total of 16″ from around my waist!

Jen gives encouragement and support, is organized and is timely in response. Jen understands having a hectic schedule and how that can affect training. She is easy to work with, and keeps things fun!

Jen and I are again working together this year, and I will be running 2 marathons this year! I’m looking forward to the challenge and I am super excited to continue working with her this year!

Dan Malinski


Coach Jen has been one of the key factors in my success at the Ironman distance.  Her training plans have allowed me to maximize my training time and she constantly changes up the workouts to keep them exciting.  Her quick response to my questions, and flexibility in my schedule help take some of the stress out of my race planning.  The knowledge she shares, her experience in the sport, and the professionalism she exhibits as a Coach has made her an extremely important part of my triathlon seasons.  I highly recommend her to any endurance athlete looking to excel in their sport.

Marc Jackson


When I first emailed Jen it was because I was bike racing and had signed up for a duathlon. Horrors. I had not been running and I got really sore when I ran. Jen emailed me back with some quick advice on how to approach training. I knew THEN and THERE that a coach who was so willing to help, even though I was not yet her athlete, was someone special.

When I signed on with Jen 3 years ago I was a good athlete, but came from a D1 Tennis background. I ran a lot when I was done with college and ran myself into many injuries. At the age of 40 I decided to start riding my bike (I actually just bought a bike, off the floor, 3 chain rings!) and then I decided to do some triathlons. Insert Jen!

One thing I LOVE most about Jen is that she knows I am a master’s athlete. My head is 25, my body is 45. She tames the desire to compare my training to everyone else’s and she encourages me to do MY plan; A plan that is custom tailored to me, on a daily basis even, depending on how I am feeling. The results have followed and 3 years ago finishing my first Half Iron Distance race led me to my first IM finish in the fall of 2011.

Jen is encouraging, supportive and direct. She is a well trained and certified coach who works around the clock to make sure her athletes are not only successful in triathlon, but balanced in their lives. Another thing that Jen does that has earned my respect is to know her boundaries of expertise. Having issues with your nutrition? Jen refers you to a Registered Dietician. Injured a lot? Jen can advise on a PT or a Sports MD to help you thru the issue. She does not overstep her professional boundaries, and as a professional myself, I appreciate this.

My love of sport is nurtured by Jen Harrison, but most importantly she has grown me as an athlete and a person by also nurturing my need for balance and family in my life. None of us is going pro, so its important to me to have that balance in my life. Thanks Jen!

2010-2011 highlights:

Member Team MN ( top 10 in state)

MN representative at BEST of the US placing 11th OA, and 2nd place TEAM.

Top AG and top 10 OA finishes in all local du and triathlons

All American Triathlete 2010, 2011( USAT) ranked 29th AG in 2011

Top 5 finish AG at 1st IM ( 11:39) Wisconsin

Julia Weisbecker


When I first went looking for a coach, my main goal was to qualify for the Ironman World Championship race. I wanted a coach with a proven track record and one who I thought could get me there. Through my following of various admired athlete blogs, Jen’s name came up over an over again as she was their coach. I then went to her website and liked what I read. She has been my coach now for 2 seasons and I am anxiously anticipating our 3rd season together!

Each year I’ve set out to accomplish specific goals and each year Jen has helped me to achieve them. What impresses me the most about Jen is her promptness and attention to detail. She is ALWAYS on top of things! Questions or concerns are promptly addressed; so much so that it is scary! Jen doesn’t just put up the workouts. She also wants feedback. This helps her to figure out the athlete she is working with and just HOW to help that athlete further. She has the experience as not only a stellar triathlete herself but as an experienced professional to put forth a season plan that is doable, manageable, and ultimately successful.

I’m proud to say I am coached by Jennifer Harrison and I strongly recommend her for anyone interested in improving themself in and through the sport of triathlon.

Michelle Brost


I came from an athletic background and started doing triathlons about 6 years ago.  I was instantly hooked and set my sights on Ironman racing.  Like most that dabble in the long distance, Kona became my dream.  Not an easy feat at any age, but even more difficult in the male 30-34 division.  I came to Jen 2 years ago with two Ironman finishes under my belt as well as many open marathons and other races.  I was looking for a coach that could take me to the next level and help me fulfill my dreams.

What I loved about Jen was that she didn’t sugar coat anything.  The first time we talked, she told me she didn’t know if I could qualify.  In fact, less than 1% of the people that ask her that question ever will.  I was instantly sold on Jen.  She was not trying to feed my ego…she was telling me the truth from day 1.  It was going to take hard work and discipline…and probably 2 years if we were lucky!

I have grown so much in the past 2 years working with Jen.  Not only has she helped transform me into a podium AG athlete physically, she has taught me even more about how to be mentally strong.  I’ve been able to carry that with me not only in racing, but in life.  Jen has been a true blessing to have on my team.

Fast forward to today, Jen has coached me to a 4th place finish in Ironman Wisconsin…and my Kona slot in 2012!  I’m really looking forward to working with Jen this year and in the future.  I truly feel there is no limit to the success we could have with her guidance and my dedication.

I would highly recommend Jen to anyone that has a passion about triathlon, running, or a healthy lifestyle.  Jen brings a wealth of knowledge, balance, and common sense to training.  She will push you when you need it, and back you off when the time is right.  Jen is inspirational as a person, coach, and friend.  She has helped me to realize my dreams and I have no doubt, will help you achieve yours too.

Dave Bartoszewski